Circadian Rhythms – Basic Moves 02 (Release date June 6th (Brussels) June 12th (Worldwide))

Deg-ology. Deg-ism.

It took me a couple of years get invited to Deg’s (aka Circadian Rhythms) homebase, and a couple more years to dive into his Sonic Archive. But time tells and Basic Moves 02 is what came out. The two tracks were recorded at Earguard Studio in Brussels around 1996, at a moment when his interest was moving away from club music towards other golden musical horizons.

“Frequency” is a macro tech-house track in mid tempo. I’m super happy I could archive it on wax because we almost fucked up the master DAT tape by blowing up the player during a marathon listening session at his place. We had to open the device, unroll the tape across his house (full of records) and fold it back into the mini DAT cassette. After a few hours and twenty metres of tape, the problem was solved and the tracks archived: “A dose of authenticity at a time of post-counter-cultural stagnation”.

“House Speaker Call” originated in proto-techno forms. Deg never sees techno as a type of music but as a process. As a producer, collector and deejay he always dives deep into authentic forms of electronic music. Deg’s antic personality shines out in the middle of the harsh beat-driven electro/techno track like a hopeful melody passing by on its elliptic orbit.
Tune your cells into his vibrations and get ready for these two timeless club tracks.

Walrus, Brussels, 2017.

Available from Crevette Records


Walrus – Basic Moves 01 

Walrus has no fear!
By taking care of the maiden release on his newborn label ‘Basic Moves’ he shows the spiritual direction and marks the blueprint for future offerings.
The concept is simple: a 12′ always has two different sides.
One track on each side, each track a different mood.
‘Full Of Feeling’ resonates like the synthesis of an endless night encoded in washes of sounds. Twisted, alienated vocal signals communicate in deep space to form a teasing, never-ending, spine-tingling groove. The weekend lingers on, the dream is not over.

‘Among the Thugs’ is stripped down music for abandoned warehouses. A distorted vision of bleep techno and druggy Chicago acid house hides deep in the quirky waves of this wobbly and moody crowd mover.The ghosts of after hours haunting sweaty warehouse clubs from the past seem to float over these excellent tracks. Walrus refers to the best of all eras but forges his own unique stamp of modern dance music.
Underground clubs are where his music comes alive.

Geert Sermon, Brussels, 2017.

Available from Crevette Records